About me

I'm a professional multidisciplinary designer from Germany with focus on web experiences and digital media. Besides designing human centered, mindful and beautiful experiences, I'm also able to realize them by coding.

2021 ⟶ Now

As a UX/UI designer for easybill, a German company specialized in cloud-based e‑commerce online software, I create consistent user interfaces that are delightful and easy to use.

2018 ⟶ 2021

After successfully finishing my apprenticeship as the top student, I continued to work at JTL-Software to expand my knowledge in design systems and workflows. In 2020, I started working at a marketing agency with focus on designing a responsive web application with a continuously expanded design system and several websites for customers.

For communication and exchange, while working remotely together with multiple companies, I used tools like Jira and Confluence by Atlassian to keep everyone updated on design changes.

Besides creating marketing websites and materials for products and offers, I've been able to design user interfaces with prior user experience (UI/UX) research through analytics for an online guide and a ticket system among other things in Adobe XD. Through these highly technically restricted and content-dependable tasks,

I learned to work within set restrictions and resources of a project.


I started my apprenticeship in "Digital and Print Media Design (Subject Area: Design and Technology)" at JTL-Software, a German company specialized in e‑commerce software.

Besides learning the fundamentals of design in theory and practice, I was able to gain knowledge in basic programming languages like HTML and CSS.

As well as designing purposeful beautiful looking things, I'm also able to make them real.

Libraries like Bootstrap or CMS systems like Wordpress were also helpful, though I prefer to code personal projects (like this website) without them to start from scratch.

Before all of that, I’ve been creative in my spare time besides attending grammar school. I enjoyed learning how to use Photoshop by myself and with the help of the community and friends. While creating banners and thumbnails for social media and YouTube, not only for myself, but also commissioned work, I learned how to retouch photos and videogame screenshots. I also found interest in videoediting, while experimenting with Premiere Pro to get the structure of video cutting and simple editing (color grading, masking, timing).