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Theater im Parkett

The final exam in my apprenticeship included creating an animation and realizing a website.

β€žTiPβ€œ is an imaginary theatre in Stuttgart, Germany, which shows a great variety of amateur theatre play and offers familyfriendly events. Additionally, they participate in a festival to show their acting skills, gain new members and to enlarge their audience.

live preview theater im parkett

As this was an exam, the things that were given were the logo, a little background story, the pictures and the text. So, there wasn't much freedom to decide. The main thought behind my design is to let pictures speak for itself with the help of white-space to focus on the important things.

I'd LOVE to tell you more about this project (and upload my documentation), but as this was an exam, I'm forbidden to upload any graphics, content or any other work besides the website. Sorry! Feel free to ask me, if you want to know more or see more of this project. 😊

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