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Lux Arthouse Cinema

My final project in school included branding, creating a styleguide and realizing a website.

„Lux“ is an imaginary arthouse cinema in my hometown Mönchengladbach, which shows a great variety of arthouse movies and offers a new way of cultural access to cinematic art and its community for everyone. Additionally, you can attend special events in the evening or enjoy a sweet cappuccino in the cosy in-house café ☕

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As this was my final project in school, the only thing that was given was the brand's name and a little background story - Thus I needed to determine my target group first. I created two personas: One for the cinema's investor, one for the average visitor. This helped me to gain insight into the want and needs of both sides - management and customers. I decided to address a young audience (18-35 years), who are interested in culture and cinematic art. Hence its brand and interior style needs to be modern and clear but nonetheless friendly and open-minded. To underline this statement, Lux sets an important focus on diversity and accessibility to include every person interested in Lux, the community and the culture behind arthouse movies.️

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Logo with Key Visuals

Furthermore, I had to create a styleguide to show the branding and create guidelines for the press or other companies.

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If you are interested in reading my whole documentation (in German) about this for more insights, check it out:

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kantine heimwerk

Kantine Heimwerk

A school project in my second year of apprenticeship about branding

Theater im Parkett

Final exam in my apprenticeship: Website & Animation

theater im parkett


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