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Kantine Heimwerk

A school project in my second year of apprenticeship about branding.

„Kantine Heimwerk“ is an imaginary company in Germany, which offers courses for handicrafting and knitting and sells fair trade products like coffee and cake. 🍰

My job was to examine their target group and to create a branding upon it. The branding includes building a small marketing strategy and creating a logo with a suitable color scheme.

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Pen & Paper Scribbles

At first, I created a moodboard to visualize the company’s atmosphere for its customers – a sociable, harmonious community, in which everyone is equal and it’s important to watch out for others and the environment.

example kantine heimwerk casestudy
Printed customized proposal with color scheme and inverted logo versions

I researched the target group to gain a deeper insight into the company and their customers. By doing that, I realized that I need to design a logo for a great age span with an interest for variety in everyday life and fair, economic principles.

Green is the color for environment, nature and sustainability. It fits to the logo with a plain, dark word mark to emphasize instead of disturbing the fresh, greenish impression. The logo shows the company’s products - a cup of fair trade coffee with roots to the environment, indicated through the leaves as ascending steam. It’s possible to scale the logo, to use it on bright and dark backgrounds and as a black/white variant for low quality printers, and to print it on coffee cups, bags and other merchandise.

My chosen font is a high quality font from Adobe Typekit. It contains lowercase letters with a consistent x-height, thus improving readability. Although it’s a serif font, it doesn’t look old-fashioned because the serifs are minimal and rounded.

Lux Cinema

Lux Arthouse Cinema

Final school project: Branding, Styleguide, Website

Theater im Parkett

Final exam in my apprenticeship: Website & Animation

theater im parkett


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