Annika Ibels

German Web & Digital Media Designer and UX|UI Enthusiast

I love to enhance the user experience through problem-solving, user focused thinking.

I was born in Mönchengladbach, Germany in late August ‘96. Currently working at JTL-Software, a software company specialized on e‑commerce software since 2005. In the first three years there, until successfully finishing mid 2018, I was a trainee as Digital and Print Media Designer (Subject Area: Design and Technology). I was responsible for the social media appearance and was part of the event team to organize and design the website and print products for the yearly trade fair “JTL-Connect”. My trainee colleague and me also did a collaboration with a programming trainee to create an interactive map of all of JTL’s locations, offices and employees. Before that, I’ve been creative in my spare time besides attending grammar school. I enjoyed learning how to use Photoshop and Premiere Pro by myself and with the help of the community and friends. While creating banners and thumbnails for social media and YouTube, not only for myself, but also commissioned work, I learned how to retouch photos and videogame screenshots. That’s where I found interest in videoediting. I started with Premiere Pro to get the structure of video cutting and simple editing (color grading, masking, timing). By the time, I got better at it and moved to After Effects.

During my apprenticeship I discovered my interest for commercial Webdesign and Branding. Besides working for JTL and on school projects, I gained further knowledge in design theories, systems and mindsets. I follow various design newsletters and Medium communities to stay up to date. Visiting meetups and conferences from time to time is also quite fun. 💡

As you may have already noticed, I absolutely adore gradients (subtle ones are great, too) 🌈. I also enjoy watching a good series or movie, listening to music while working or playing videogames in my spare time, taking a few snapshots while travelling or simply going for a walk in the woods. 🌳🚶‍